Short Program Workshops:

Our workshops engage students in personally relevant art projects that promote the creative re-use of everyday materials.
We offer K-12th grade, adult, and multigenerational Short Program Workshops which range in duration from from 1.5 hours to a full day. These workshops can be designed for drop-in participation or be facilitated in a more traditional class format. We customize all workshops to fit the needs of each group and can also create workshops based on a particular theme or material. Workshop fees vary according to the selected workshop, duration, and the number of participants. Please be sure to review our Cancellation Policy.

Please complete our PROGRAM REQUEST FORM if you would like to set up a Short Program Workshop.

(Grades K-6 & Multigenerational, Min. 1.5 hrs.)

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Tap, strum, shake, bang, and clang along with us! Make your own percussive and string instruments from household objects such as cans, bottle caps, utensils, and tools. Once assembled, we will put our sounds together to find our rhythm!

(Grades K-6 & Multigenerational, Min. 1.5 hrs.)
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Forage found images from calendars, greeting cards, and magazines to find the elements for your assemblage. Play with “cut-up” and collage techniques to create your own one-of-a-kind hybrid dancers.

(Grades K-6 & Multigenerational, Min. 1.5 hrs.)
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Explore the role color, shape, and pattern play in nature as you create animal habitat collages. These can take on the form of a two or three dimensional work on paper or an accordion book.


(Grades K-12 & Adults, & Multigenerational, Min. 1.5-2.0 hrs.)*Also available as multi-class residency.
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Make your own eco-friendly art supplies such as brushes, glue, inks, stamps, and sketchbooks! Look no further than your own backyard to discover the art-making potential of materials you have right around you. Return home inspired by your new tools and with some of our favorite Green Art Recipe cards for projects.

(Grades K-12, Adults, & Multigenerational, Min. 1.5 hrs.)
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Discover how to depict your favorite moments of the spring and summer seasons through light, shadow, color, and shape. Handmade from a mason jar and other discarded objects, your glowing lantern will be a unique artwork lighting up your warm weather nights.

(Grades 3-12, Adults, & Multigenerational, Min. 1.5-2.0 hrs.) 
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Play with vintage kitchen gadgets, mis-cut keys, metal scraps, wire, and more! Then, use each objects unique properties to construct a whimsical kinetic sound sculpture for a special place inside or outside your home.

(Grades 3-12, Adults, & Multigenerational, Min. 1.5-2.0 hrs.)
View the Gallery.]! Travel to the moon and back with us in this cosmic art program. Learn about the atmosphere beyond our planet and contemplate navigating these extreme environments. Inspired by scientific discoveries, explore the depths of our galaxy and your imagination to create a three-dimensional up-cycled galactic scene.

(Grades 3-12 & Adults, & Multigenerational, Min. 2.0 hrs.)
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Construct your own interactive tabletop artwork with images and text harvested from old magazines and books. Your unique collage puzzle, crafted from discarded blocks, game pieces, or puzzles, is fun to keep or give as a gift. 

(Grades 3-12, Adults, & Mutigenerational, Min. 1.5 hrs.)
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Make your own insects, microbes, plankton, and tiny sculptures of all kinds in this assemblage workshop. Discover how to upcycle e-waste, hardware, books, and other odds and ends into real and imaginary creatures.

(Grades 3-12, Adults, & Multigenerational, Min. 2.0 hrs.)
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Design a colorful, playful weaving utilizing reusable, recyclable, and natural materials. First, we will look at how textiles have developed and reflected societies throughout the world. Then, you will learn several techniques for creating your own personal textile artwork that re-purposes garments, various fibers, discarded books, and more.

(Grades 6-12 & Adults, & Multigenerational, Min. 2.0 hrs.)

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Discover how to upcycle paper, metal, and other natural objects into one-of-a-kind wearable art! Play with your favorite eco-friendly materials and design earrings, pendants, necklaces, and other accessories. 

(Grades 6-12 & Adults, & Multigenerational, Min. 2.5 hrs.)
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Combine historical collage techniques with current digital media practice in this animation workshop. First, we will discuss our human impact on the environment and brainstorm creative solutions to reduce waste. Then, using found objects and images of transportation, architecture, nature, and technology make a short video that inspires stewardship.


(Grades 6-12 & Adults, & Multigenerational, Min. 2.0 hrs.)

Learn about the role textiles have played in women’s history through the art of embroidery. Embedded in each intricate stitch are stories of social activism and personal expression. Using found fabrics and thread, practice needlework techniques by creating a sampler and begin making a piece that tells your own story.