Short Program Workshops:

We customize our Short Program Workshops to fit the needs of each special event or class.
These programs are a 1.5 hour minimum duration and can be designed for drop-in participation or be facilitated in a more traditional class format. Workshop fees vary according to length of program and the number of participants. We provide the teachers and materials and tailor programs to meet each group’s goals. A selection of seasonal programs are listed below. We can also create a program based on a particular theme or material. Please be sure to review our Cancellation Policy.

Please complete our PROGRAM REQUEST FORM if you would like to set up a Short Program Workshop.

(Grades 6-12 & Adults, Min. 2.0 hrs.)
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Design your own interactive tabletop artwork with images and text harvested from old magazines and books. Your unique collage puzzle, crafted from discarded blocks, game pieces, or puzzles, is fun to keep or give as a gift.

(Grades 6-12 & Adults, Min. 1.5 hrs.)

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Create colorful handmade paper bowls and baskets from discarded magazines, maps, encyclopedias, and more! Choose your favorite style and sculpt decorative and functional art objects using paper craft techniques

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(Grades 9-12 & Adults, Min. 1.5 hrs.)
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Discover how to upcycle paper, metal, and natural objects into one-of-a-kind decor and wearable art! Play with your favorite eco-friendly materials and design earrings, a pendant, necklace, or adorn existing accessories.

(Grades 4-12 & Adults, Min. 1.5 hrs.) 
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Imagine yourself in a snow-filled landscape, the wind howling, with a blustery chill. Then turn this dramatic scene in a one-of-a-kind painting or accordion book, replicating extreme weather conditions using salt, wax, and natural watercolors.

(Grades 4-12 & Adults, Min. 2.0 hrs.)
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Create a miniature dream box that evokes a significant memory or place with paper ephemera and other found elements. Your ideas will become a surreal tableaux as you learn various assemblage techniques.

(Grades K-12 & Adults, Min. 1.5 hrs.)
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Make handmade cards with discarded postcards, magazines, maps, books, and more! Discover how to use collage and other craft techniques to compose unique art pieces for your special Valentine messages for friends and family.

(Grades K-12 & Adults, Min. 1.5 hrs.)
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Consider the season’s light, shadows, colors, and shapes. Then transform a coffee can or mason jar into a glowing winter wonder-lantern of your vision as you up-cycle a variety of materials. 

(Grades K-6, Min. 1.5 hrs.)
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Explore the role color, shape, and pattern play in nature as you create animal habitat collages. These can take on the form of a two or three dimensional work on paper or an accordion book.

(Grades K-12, Min. 1.5 hrs.)
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Forage found images from calendars, greeting cards, and magazines to find the elements for your assemblage. Play with “cut-up” and collage techniques to create your own one-of-a-kind hybrid dancers.